Pilates is core strength and flexibility training, a full mind body workout leaving you feeling taller, leaner, invigorated and more in control of your body.  Pilates can be modified for EVERYONE, the elite athlete or someone who has

never exercised, young and old.

Sessions are fun, focused and challenging and once the principles have been mastered, the benefits last a lifetime!

"It is the mind itself which shapes the body"

Joseph Pilates


Easy to join - simple to view - clear to follow - personal touch

Limited class sizes enable me to see each class member clearly on screen

Online zoom class from January 2021​


09:15 - Intermediate/advanced 

10:30 - Mixed ability


09:15 - Mixed Ability

10:25 - Intermediate advanced


09:30 - Mixed ability

18:45 - Mixed ability

20:00 - Intermediate/advanced


18:45 - Mixed ability

20:00 - Intermediate/advanced


09:30 - Mixed ability

1-2-1  Reformer/mat available



20 years ago I had niggling low back pain, familiar to many, and took various routes to try to alleviate it. A year down the line I was getting nowhere. Pilates had been recommended a couple of times so I decided to give it a go. As a beginner it look me a while to grasp what it was all about. Where was my pelvis?  What the heck is a sacrum? The last time I heard the word ‘neutral' was in a chemistry class… I stuck with it, I was learning so much about the way a body moved and how, with small movements and minor adjustments, big differences could be made.

I began to feel and look better and not only did the back pain disappear but a waistline appeared!  An exercise programme that heals and creates long lean muscles – I was hooked!  I went on to train with Body Control Pilates in 2007 and have been teaching ever since.  A lot of my first clients still come to class, very recently one of those clients accomplished  a move that had eluded them for 10 years (Full Roll Up) - we both got quite emotional!  Grab your mat - you never know, it might just work for you too.



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