Roger Black talks Pilates with Heidi


Tonight it was realising that I've been coming to your Pilates class for a whole year, and not once have I felt that you've repeated yourself... every session is different! That's great. Thanks! Ax

Many, many thanks for your inspiration and encouragement when teaching Pilates to us all. It has really done me good. I am no longer having the back ache I had before I started.

Joan T - Wonersh

Do you know, before I started doing your classes, I was in a right old mess with my back and had been for some time. Husband had to put my shoes and socks on every morning as I couldn't manage it, then take them off again..huge kerfuffle and life was just generally just a bit arduous with chronic back pain.  And yet, over the last 3 months I have been re landscaping my garden, on my own, without a care in the world.  I've been digging endlessly, wheeling around barrows full of soil, lifting compost, balancing on one leg on numerous occasions, twisting, turning and smashing up piles of rubble, all for hours every day.  It makes me tired and filthy...but I have had NO BACK PAIN WHATSOEVER!  

It feels like a miracle.  And every morning when I wake up, I immediately touch my toes, to make sure it's not a dream!  This is all entirely down to your classes.  Life feels really different now, so I can't thank you enough!

Thank you for a wonderful term - I love your teaching and you are

a delight to [try to] emulate !

Trish B

"Wow! After 4 months of your pilates classes I can really feel the physical benefits. I was at an all day business exhibition yesterday and normally by lunchtime, my lower back would be killing me. But yesterday no back pain at all, despite 9 hours on my feet. Brilliant! My posture is slowly improving and even my horse riding is reaping the rewards. Thank you for such fun, enjoyable classes. I look forward to Monday mornings!"

Sarah Orchard – Guildford

Thank you for being a very inspirational and thorough teacher. I really enjoy the class.

Claudia B

I’ve been going to Heidi for 3 years and can’t praise her highly enough. Pilates with Heidi is not only a fabulous workout, but it’s a real investment in your body’s future. She gives great cues and really understands the mechanics of Pilates which is the key to creating good alignment, supple muscles and a strong core.


Thank you for your individual attention and fun teaching.

Love J