Tonight it was realising that I've been coming to your Pilates class for a whole year, and not once have I felt that you've repeated yourself... every session is different! That's great. Thanks! Ax

I’ve been going to Heidi for 3 years and can’t praise her highly enough. Pilates with Heidi is not only a fabulous workout, but it’s a real investment in your body’s future. She gives great cues and really understands the mechanics of Pilates which is the key to creating good alignment, supple muscles and a strong core.


Many, many thanks for your inspiration and encouragement when teaching Pilates to us all. It has really done me good. I am no longer having the back ache I had before I started. 

Joan T - Wonersh

Merry Christmas Heidi and thank you for being a very inspirational and thorough teacher. I really enjoy the class. 

Claudia B

Thank you for your individual attention and fun teaching.

Love J

Thank you for a wonderful term - I love your teaching and you are 

a delight to [try to] emulate ! 

Trish B

"Wow! After 4 months of your pilates classes I can really feel the physical benefits. I was at an all day business exhibition yesterday and normally by lunchtime, my lower back would be killing me. But yesterday no back pain at all, despite 9 hours on my feet. Brilliant! My posture is slowly improving and even my horse riding is reaping the rewards. Thank you for such fun, enjoyable classes. I look forward to Monday mornings!" 

Sarah Orchard – Guildford

"Having had two major back operations I have been determined to make my back stronger and more flexible - Heidi has been instrumental in my progress and I now feel that my back problems are really a thing of the past. Heidi has taught me how to keep my back healthy and my all round flexibility has improved dramatically. Heidi teaches with great enthusiasm, it is always a pleasure to go to Pilates"

Rachel Lane - Guildford

Thanks for another fantastic lesson last night. I do so enjoy the classes - they are a highlight of my week! 

Nikki Rickett